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Our hope for ALLELO is that it will give you a front row seat to everything Free 2 Fly. We want to keep you updated on the ins and outs of all our progress, programs, and vision for the future.

The heart of Free 2 Fly has always been to bring as many women alongside the work of our organization as possible. Over the years we have developed many ways for women in our community to be involved with our organization as we serve the women in our program to the best of our ability. 

We are excited for this new group of ALLELO women who will make it possible to continue our current programs and expand our reach.


Board of Directors:

Hailey Johnston, President

Keenon Hulton, Chairman

Cameron Sedgwick, Treasurer

Kendra Rutledge, Secretary

Brenda Voytik

Caitlin May

Kim Brooks

Wendy Beaty


Joanna Ivey, Creative Director

Ashley McGuffey, Director of Product Retail

Kim Nolen, Accounts Manager

Arlyne VanHook, Communications Director

Lydia Owens, AmeriCorps VISTA